Interaction between BTT and KM

Hello: I recently started using BTT

Along with KM(used for years); the custom trackpad gestures are nice especially can be customized per application. Also possibly custom touchbar on the 2016 MacBook Pro(just started playing with this aspect of BTT).

I actually use many gestures to simply trigger a KM macro, so if my hands are on the keyboard I use the keyboard shortcut, if on the trackpad, I use the trackpad.

The issue I have had is this:

I have a few macros in KM that click on a found image in a Citrix remote window. Used for years. When BTT is active this aspect of the macro does not work. Otherwise all else works well. Any suggestions to troubleshoot/fix?

You can turn on some debugging for the Find Image system, as well as having it save the screen and target images to see what might be going wrong.

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine Debug "MatchImage SaveFindImage"

The images are written into /tmp and the logging appears in Engine.log file (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder).

Both are quite hard to interpret so you may want to email (which is me ;- ) to determine what is going on.