Invoking a Palette causes my entire display to flash

Anytime I press a keyboard shortcut to show a Palette menu my whole display flashes. Is this by design or something to do with Catalina? Any way to prevent it?

It is definitely not by design.

I would guess either a display driver or display hardware issue, probably when switching between the different GPUs. If it is a new Mac, and Mac display, I would get the hardware tested (which is a pain, I know).

Turns out its not a Keyboard Maestro issue. It actually occurs on two of my Macs running Catalina. It seems to be related to the shortcut ctrl-command-option-shift-w. Even if I disable the Palette and Keyboard Maestro the display still flashes.

I think but don't know for sure it may be related to sysdiagnose. As the screen also flashes when you press ctrl-command-opt-shift-period which is a known shortcut for sysdiagnose.

Long story short its not a Keyboard Maestro issue.

What does OSX use this shortcut used for? I also get a flash from time to time

I have no idea as of now. I do know its tied to cmd-opt-shift-ctrl-w.

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The culprit is WifiDiagonistcs which has the shortcut ctrl-shift-cmd-opt-W