iOS App Stopped working

The iOS app stopped working for me a couple of weeks ago. Anyone running into problems with the app? I used it almost daily.

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Keyboard Maestro Control has not been updated in a long time because working on the iOS app and dealing with Apple's review process and zillions of icons sucks the life out of me.

I find working on the iOS version intolerably painful. It is simultaneously the worst of both worlds, being a small system, but requiring a hundred different icons sizes, and a hundred difference screen sizes, but not actually handling resizing windows.

Other people cope, I just find the tedium and the uncertainty and the weird errors and the inconsistent answers and the ever looming threat of just plain out rejecting the app to be a very stressful experience. I will no doubt one day try to get it updated again.

Keyboard Maestro 8 added the Remote Trigger URL which would probably be a better solution that Keyboard Maestro Control in most every case anyway.


Mine still works perfectly. The only times I’ve seen that message is when the KM enabled machine was unreachable or off. In the unreachable instance, I had a network broadcast storm and had to reboot my router and associated devices. Once I did that, things were fine. Bottom line is the app still works.


only discovered the iOS app now and not sure i will ever use it but can confirm @bocciaman's issue


I'm a heavy user of this app for two machines and it still works on mine. I'm using KM 9.0.5 with Catalina 10.15.4 (with the supplemental release) on one machine and High Sierra 10.13 (with KM 9.0.5) on the other. KM 9.0.5 was released in February so I don't think that's it.

@zeltak - Is your web server set up?

thx @kcwhat

yeah latest catalina and iOS and have the web server setup

I'm a heavy user of this app for two machines

@kcwhat, ive been using keyboard maestro for about 2 years now and its my #1 app. But only now discovered the iOS app...can you give some examples on your use cases with the iOS app?



zeltak- First, were you able to restart the KM machine and subsequently get the app working again?

By far, I use the IOS Maestro app to restart iTunes on my older headless Theater Mac mini. For some reason, my main AppleTV loses connection with iTunes and the restart helps. It beats running downstairs or remote logging into it.

2nd - to reboot machines. As you know, rebooting remotely can be a task when others are attached to it. I have KM click the proper buttons in order to gracefully restart.

3rd - to shut down the mini. Pretty much the same as #2

4th - for my main machine, I’ll sleep it, wake it etc.

Those are some of the items I do with the IOS Maestro app.

thx @kcwhat, yeah restarted keyboard maestro and still get the same iOS connection issues:

thx for the example use cases!


Did you force quit the app and try again? I don't know what else to suggest. I've had that issue before but was able to resolve it with a Keyboard Maestro Application and Engine quit/restart along with a force quit of the iOS application with a restart.



Hold on, are you on LTE??? Does it work when you are on the same network with wifi????

yes, exactly.

yes, exactly what?

@kcwhat, nah both LTE and LAN. tried just LAN with LTE disabled but still dosent connect

thx for the patience


Yes, exactly this is how I'm setup as well.

almost sure you can use PDFs for icons and use just one??

I've only recently started using the iOS app. It works fine on my iPad but on my iPod it always opens up upside down and won't rotate properly. I have to press the Home button and open the app again and it's fine again. It's only a minor inconvenience. I use it to control iTunes on my MacBook or my MacMini which doesn't have a monitor. Really useful.

I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again. It now works fine.

Thanks for the suggestion but it's just the same.


Yes one pdf would be fine.
You can even use one png file and let the system render it up or down.

Also not resizing to different screen sizes isn't true either. Using AutoLayout or LayoutAnchors it is quite easy. The UITableViews should do most of the heavy lifting anyways

Feel free to reach out if you want to give it another shot, Peter.

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