iPad App running on MacOS?

I'm looking for magic and a long shot. My favorite task manager MLO or MyLifeOrganized doesn't have a Mac app. (cue sad music). However it does have a iPad app and that iPad can be run on MacOS. (cue happy music). Since its an iPad app it doesn't have a menu structure, nor does it have shortcuts.

On an iPad it is scriptable via shortcuts. How do I achieve the same on MacOS. Preferably without falling down a rabbit hole.

If you can script it with Shortcuts in iPadOS, then my guess is you can also script it with Shortcuts in "macOS Monterey" coming soon. In fact you can already invoke Monterey's shortcuts from Keyboard Maestro from within the Execute Shell Script action. ("shortcuts run shortcut-name"). In fact I'm betting that there will be even more direct support for macOS shortcuts from a future version of KM. (I have no inside information, but since there's a command line version in macOS, that's a minimum functionality we could get.)

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Oh think this is going to be a fun fun rabbit hole - thanks - Mark