Is a Keyboard Maestro Backup That Is Made While It Is Running Valid?

I understand the best method of a full backup is to quit the engine and then the app and then copy the ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro folder.
But for backups made while the app is running. Are those backups able to be used for a complete restore in case of a cpu failure?
Just curious.....


Generally, yes.

The Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist is safe-saved each time in its entirety, so it should always be valid.

Most other files are similar.

It is possible some files might be corrupted, so for example you could lose your variables if the Keyboard Maestro Variables .sqlite file is part way through being written.


Thank you @peternlewis , after making a copy of the KM Folder it's quite large with the 'revisions version x' being the largest offenders.
Can I delete these folders and have a viable restorable backup?
Revisions Version 8, Revisions Version 9 and Revisions Version 10 folders are there.


There should only be ONE file "keyboard Maestro Macros.kmsync".
You can delete the others.

Edit: nvm, misread which folder you were talking about.

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Hey @troy,

To have a viable backup you only need:

Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist

Unless you have important data in either of these:

Keyboard Maestro Clipboards.kmchunked
Keyboard Maestro Variables.sqlite

Yes you can get rid of any KM 9 or before items.


  • After removing any cruft I would make at least one backup of the full folder:
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/
  • Then you can make incremental backups.


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You can delete the Revisions Version 8 and Revisions Version 9 folders, they are used by their respective versions, so unless you plan on reverting to an older version of Keyboard Maestro they will not be used. They are kept as as safety net.

As are files labeled Keyboard Maestro Macros Saved Version 8.plist or Keyboard Maestro Macros Saved Version 9.plist. They allow you to safely revert back to the previous version even if the macros have changed in an incompatible way (losing any changes you made while in the later version of course).

Deleting the Revisions Version 10 folder is largely pointless, Keyboard Maestro will recreate it and it will soon contain 10-24 revisions of your macro again.