Is Current Version of KM Compatible With macOS Big Sur?

I remember when macOS Catalina developer beta was released Keyboard Maestro posted an announcement about incompatibility several days after, which for me it's a little late since I had already updated my OS.

The Big Sur beta just came out on Monday. Have you tried it with Keyboard Maestro? I’m sure it’s way too early, for the developer of Keyboard Maestro, to 100% validate. I’m sure at some point the answer will be yes but at this point the question is premature wouldn’t you think. Testing will continue all summer long. Many of us will not be a Big Sur client on day one because a Mac isn’t a functional Mac unless it has Keyboard Maestro (IMO).


I will never install the first version of a new Mac OS, I always wait at least for a third update. I've been in Mac IT for about 30 years.


Can't agree with you more!


In case you didn't know, all developers, like the KM developer, have just been given access to the Big Sur BETA. Big Sur will change, and the developers will test and adjust their apps so that by the time Big Sur is publicly released to all they will have had a chance to make the necessary changes.

But since Big Sur can change right up until the day of release, it is possible that some apps may be broken by it.

I think this is very wise:

If you live on the bleeding edge, you are likely to be cut by it. :wink:


I'm afraid I don't really have the resources to check Apple’s betas for compatibility.

As far as Catalina is concerned, Keyboard Maestro was compatible with it at release for the most part, you just have to work around Apple’s bugs and figure your way through Apple’s security facilities.

I expect Big Sur will be the same, but only time will tell.

But, that said, I do have Keyboard Maestro building as a universal binary for arm and will hopefully get to test it on a Dev Kit next week, so that is at least promising.


I’m on Big Sur and haven’t had any issues.


The same here: I use Big Sure since last night and every KM macro used until now without any problems.


Thanks, I also updated to Big Sur and have no issue with Keyboard Maestro itself. There's some AppleScript I need to rewrite though, but it's nothing to do with Keyboard Maestro.


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