Is Display Progress Broken?

I can't seem to get the progress bar to display when using the For Each option in Monterey:


Is this a known issue?

Works as usual in MacOS 12.6.1 while using it in For Each going through multiple lines in a variable.

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I just tried to duplicate this (also in Monterey), and had no issues.

If there is no selection, the window appears briefly and then disappears.

If there are multiple entries, then the progress shows as each sound is played and then goes away.

But yours shows the progress window with no progress bar, so I don't know how you get that.

Thanks for looking into this, Peter.

I asked because I thought I'd read a post mentioning it (but can't find it) when I observed it here. But I suspect it is a consequence of running Monterey on unsupported hardware, a MacBookPro8,1 and MacBookPro6,1.

The HTML option works fine, though, for showing a progress bar where I really need one. I just wondered if the Display Progress option was just me. Apparently so.

Thanks again.

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