Is find image on screen safe for sensitive information?

Want to use it in an application which has sensitive information.
How does this feature work?
Does it use the internet to match the image?
Does it store the text within the image anywhere?
Does it store the image file somewhere?

Thanks a lot.

We will need @peternlewis to confirm and answer some of your questions, but IMO it is generally safe, as KM is just doing a pixel comparison on your screen.

However, it does require that you store the image you wish to find in the image well of the Found Image action. So, anyone who has access to your Mac could get that image by opening the KM Editor app, clicking in the image well, and COPY.

The feature works by taking a screenshot of the screen in memory, and searching it for the image you have in your action.

It all happens in-memory.

There is no Internet facilities used for this, the search happens on your Mac.

The screenshot image is discarded from memory after the action. It will not be stored to disk (except maybe by Virtual Memory).

Obviously, as @JMichaelTX notes, the action itself, including the image in the action, is stored on disk.

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