Is it possible paste clipboard content to current mouse position

i am working with indesign and I want paste shape object from clipboard to current mouse position, thanks for all advice

Does indesign support this? In other words, can you do this in indesign with a keyboard shortcut? How does pasting work in indesign?

Actually, I was wondering exactly that. Keyboardmaestro can save the location of the mouse cursor as a coordinate in its memory, but it would be great if I could paste information from the clipboard to the location in memory.

Well, KM can certainly move the mouse to a specific location, then execute a Paste. But whether the object gets pasted into that position or not depends on how indesign works. Does that make sense?

You are absolutely right, I think if I pass the stage about keyboardmaestro, I can pass the indesign stage with the help of javascript.

Easy enough:

  1. Move and Click Mouse action
  2. Short Pause (0.1 - 0.2 sec) action
  3. Paste action