Is It Possible to Change a System Preferences Preference Even if It's Closed?

I'm using this "app" called Smart Scroll (it's a System Preferences app) to invert the mouse's X axis on a particular application that has it all mixed up: one section it scrolls left > right, another section is right > left.

So I would like to use KM to change that setting inside Smart Scroll by using a shortcut.

Using UI Browser, this is what I get:

application "System Preferences" 
	standard window "Smart Scroll" (window 1) 
		group (group 1)
			group (group 1) 
				checkbox "⟷ X axis" (checkbox 7) 

Would I be able to tick/untick this option even when System Preferences is not open?

Not like that -- UI events require the UI.

You could dig around in your Preferences folder and see if Smart Scroll has a plist you might be able to manipulate. Even if it does that may not work without killing/relaunching Smart scroll (or even logging out and back in!), so you'll have to try it and see.

What if I create a macro that launches System Preferences and then Smart Scroll when that other app (Loopcloud) launches? Will I be able to manipulate Smart Scroll even if it’s not visible, but it’s running?

You should be able to manipulate System Preferences in the backgound.

Take a look at this topic for some clues.

Applescript or other Technique Enable/Disable Voice Control on Catalina - #5 by Jono

Thanks I will take a look at that and see if I can find a solution

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Another example to go with the one ccstone linked is this one for using AppleScript to toggle Function Keys in the background.

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