Is it possible to change Home and End to jump the text cursor to the beginning and end of the line? (Like Windows)

Mac mini M2, Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, Latest Ventura

Is it possible to change/remap Home and End keys to act like Windows during a text edit?

I want Home to move the cursor to the left of the line and End to move the cursor to the end of the line.

I'm new to MacOS and it seems like Home and End scrolls the document view only.

I know there is Command + Right or Left arrow, but that's not what I'm used to after 30 years of Windows. :).

I assigned F13=Cut, F14=Copy, F15=Paste, so having the Home and End Keyes below that would make my muscle memory fingers happy for anything text related in any app.

I'm very new to MacOS and don't understand the full power of Keyboard Maestro enough yet to even know if this is possible. I searched around but didn't find an answer. Thanks!

I also posted on Reddit by the way:

I have a whole bunch of keyboard remapping macros, because I cam from Windows also. There's a few apps that do things differently, so I have to take them into account.

Here's my Home and End key remapping:



Hope that helps.

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Thanks this looks perfect.
It's also great to know we can limit this to select apps, or add exclusions to apps as needed.
I've try this out! :smiley:

@DanThomas I finally got around to trying this after a few business trips. What Action are you adding exactly under the "Will execute the following actions:" What is the {} MS Word & Quiver action that was added so I can have the application is at the front statement. I've been clicking around and searching for a few keywords without any success so I thought I'd just ask :slight_smile:

I want to follow your lead and only have the Win style Home End behavior for specific apps

It’s a standard If action that @DanThomas has simply renamed for clarity.

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Found it thanks! "If Then Else"

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I guess "clarity" is in the eye of the beholder. :joy:

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Success, I'm 100% happy on MacOS now so far.