Is it possible to create a macro to read (scan) a URL link type QR code in Mac OS?


When I read technical journals often in PDF format on my Mac (Monterey), I notice that URL links are sometimes provided as a QR code only instead of a clickable link.

The only way I found to open the URL on my Mac is to turn handoff in both my iPhone and my Mac > take picture with my iPhone > open the handoff URL in my Mac.

The whole exercise is absurd because the QR code is in my Mac to start with.

There are free QR code readers apps, but they seem a bit suspicious (free and a lot of marketing).

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Hey @ronald,

All you can do is research and test – and hope to be able to leverage the experience of others...

This one on the App-Store looks to be freeware:

‎QR Code Reader on the App Store

Unfortunately it won't run on Mojave, so I can't test it...


Hi @ronald, if you have a Setapp subscription, check out the app TextSniper.



Also available on the App-Store:


Thank you very much @appleianer and @ccstone.

I bought it from the Apple store and it's exactly what I was looking for.