Is It Possible to Create NisusWriterPro Like Double Tap Macro Trigger Keyboard Shortcuts With KBM?

With NisusWriterPro, a nice feature is the ability to use double tap shortcuts which makes life much easier when it comes to creating easy to remember shortcuts and greatly increases the number of possible shortcuts.

As an example: let's say that I want to insert or modify a header in NisusWriterPro, I select the text, then click on ⌘H and continuing to press the ⌘ key, I press any number or letter corresponding to the header type I want to insert.

This allow me to have as many header easy to remember types that I want.

If I want to create a type 4 header, I select the text → ⌘H and continuing to press the ⌘ key, I press the number 4. It's easy to remember because in my case header sizes decrease from 1 → 9 and letters indicate other things like r for red, y for yellow highlight, etc

thanks in advance for your time and help

Does it have to be precisely that interaction - continued hold? Or could something else - such as a menu - suit you?

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By menu, I imagine that you mean palettes. I use palettes all the time and am trying to cope with the palette conflict bug.
Do you mean anything else by menu ?
Are double shortcuts feasible ?
thanks for taking the time to consider my isssue

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Well, I wasn’t being specific when I said “such as a menu”. I was just trying to figure out if it was the precise interaction you mentioned that was wanted. Or a solution to the overall “select and do something in context” problem.

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I am searching for a new kind of keyboard shortcut interaction. thank you

Hey @ronald,

The only way I know of to get this kind of functionality from Keyboard Maestro is to use palettes.

One keyboard shortcut brings up the palette for ONE action.

The palette then has single-key triggers.

I use this method for a few specific functions in a few apps.

This feature has been requested of @peternlewis before and denied.

It was as I recall one of the new features in QuicKeys 4 when it came out long ago, and the developer was hailed as a hero...



thanks very much cc

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