Is it possible to debounce the keyboard with keyboard maestro?

I’ve got a MacBook Pro with the double-typing problem, and since apple wants north of $1000 to replace the keyboard, I’m hoping for a software solution.

Specifically, there are a handful of keys on my keyboard which frequently insert two characters per click, and I’m willing to bet that most of the time they are inserted into the keyboard buffer within a couple milliseconds. Hence, I’m wondering if it’s possible to identify when a key has been “pressed” twice in the span of, say, 2ms, and delete the second key insertion using Keyboard Maestro.

This is not really something Keyboard Maestro would be ideal for.

If it is only a few keys, you could presumably create Text Expansions for “aa” to “a”. That would be ok for some keys (like “a”) which are rarely doubled intentionally, but would not work well for keys like “s” or “l” which are often used as pairs.

Maybe Karabiner could do something for you?

Have you seen this:
How to replace keyboard on MacBook Pro 13″, 15″, 17″

A search of “macbook pro keyboard replacement” showed a number of replacements for $100 or less.