Is it possible to execute a macro using its URL/UUID, not its name?

Basically, I usually execute macros with this action

and I would like to use this type of action ie a UUID containing URL.

My intention is basically to be able to execute a macro by using a variable (the URL)

thank you in advance

What you doing is basically correct except the syntax in your "Go to Macro" Action. (As it is, it will go to Macro in the Editor rather than running the Macro).

It should be:



And (as you want) the UUID can be a Variable, like this:



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sorry: I don't understand. How is the action different between execute and go to (edit) macro, both using the UUID. thank you for your patience

  1. keyboardmaestro://m=36388256-FA6E-41EF-864B-B70F273D7179

will go to the Macro so you can edit it.

  1. kmtrigger://macro=36388256-FA6E-41EF-864B-B70F273D7179

Will run the Macro (which I think is what you want to do?)

In other words, using 1) the Syntax you showed, would open the Macro in the Keyboard Maestro Editor and not run the Macro. In order to run the Macro you need to use the syntax in 2)

Rather than editing what you have in your Example "Go to Macro" Action, I would start with a fresh new Action "Open URL" and type in the syntax I suggested. That "Go to Macro" Action has had its name changed from whatever it was originally and might even have some other settings changed.


The default Keyboard Maestro Action to do what you want is called: Open URL

And it might help to read:


thank you so much for your excellent information.

I learned a lot: edit vs run macro using open URL and an intelligent way of using variables, thanks to your didactic skills.

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thanks, learn new thing every time I visit this forum. I don't even know that there is UUID exist for macro.