Is it possible to have a large notification appear and stay on screen?

I'm creating my own Keyboard Maestro shortcuts cheatsheet. To that end, I was wondering if it was possible to have a large notification appear and stay on screen while a designated key combination is pressed down? The notification should disappear when the key combination is no longer pressed down.

Something similar to:

Here is what I've created via Google Sheets thus far:

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 9.01.01 PM

They are in no particular order. I just wrote in what I could recall right away.

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Hi @bocciaman, one possibility would be if you create a palette (Description/Shortcut) and then call it like this:


The advantage here would be the individual design possibilities (background color/size/columns) You can also customize the overview for different apps and show it only in these apps.

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May I ask what is the purpose of displaying your cheatsheet?
If it is to select a Macro to trigger, then I'd suggest using MACRO: Execute Macro by Name (Spotlight) by @DanThomas.

It is very fast, and the type-select is very smart -- you can use separate words in the search box to add to the filter.
While it does not display the hotkey in the list, when you select (but not yet choose by RETURN), it displays the hot keys at the bottom of the window).


I use it many times a day, and love it.

Well, I have lots of macros that have hot key triggers. But I don't always remember they hot key combinations. therefore I wanted to create my own custom cheatsheet. Cheatsheet for Mac is useless for my needs.

I have a sheet that shows when I put my cursor onto the top right corner. It is done using a gesture in BetterTouchTool. In BTT the gesture triggers my KM macro "Show Cheat Sheet". I also have a second gesture in BTT that closes the window under the cursor when the cursor is moved away from the tp right corner.

I set up and keep track of all of my KM macros in Pages, where I can format it nicely. I copy the contents of the Pages file and paste that into a "Disply text in a window" action that I have in KM. That :Display Cheat Sheet" macro is only triggered by an AppleScript that BTT runs when the cursor is put into the the top right corner. Here are a couple of screenshots:

I am very happy with the results of this, and it was not too hard to get going.

Larry Wilson

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I used a similar approach to @larsof54, using Display Dialog in the AppleScript instead of KM's Display Text in Window, copy/pasting the shortcuts from an Excel Spreadsheet into the AppleScript. The size and formatting limitations drove me to switch to a Custom HTML Prompt after finding this handy HTML Table Generator which lets you paste Excel data directly into the webform to generate an HTML table. I paste that generated html into KM so it's super easy to update and I am able to fit all the shortcuts into a single "pop up window" (Custom HTML Form), much like Cheatsheet.


Are you willing to show me the table?

@bocciaman Here's an example (with the descriptions blurred out).

These are six columns of data copied from Excel (Shortcut, Description, Shortcut, Description, Shortcut, Description) and pasted directly into the Table Generator, with the resulting html pasted into the Custom HTML Prompt. You'll see the Table Generator Tool even has styling options, and you can add your own.

Take a look at Fancy Mac-Like HTML Prompts Library and Custom HTML Prompt with Dynamic Size and Position for additional tweaks, like specifying and saving the size/position of window.

That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the link to that HTML Table Generator - it'll come in handy, assuming I don't forget about it. :joy:

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I hope you guys are having fun!
I must be missing the utility of your displays, because to me using MACRO: Execute Macro by Name (Spotlight) by @DanThomas and KeyCue provides all of this with NO maintenance.

Here's my KeyCue display:

Sorry if I have missed the point of your work. I can tell you've done a lot of work. :wink:

KeyCue is great, especially because it pulls in Keyboard Maestro macros, but it doesn't pull in other shortcuts I want to see. For example, Alfred workflows and snippets. The custom prompt also lets me pare things down to specific shortcuts I want to see at glance, rather than scan through a comprehensive list. So I use both.

But @JMichaelTX, I have to admit this was also one of those "let me see if I can do this" exercises that I've stuck with and evolved over the years :wink:

This view is what I'm trying to accomplish.

@JMichaelTX, I installed

But KeyCue is commercial software that functions just like Cheatsheet. My goal is to have my own custom cheatsheet so I don't see shortcuts that I don't need shortcuts like ⌘Q to quit. Am I misunderstanding something?

Nope. If it is worth the effort to manually keep your cheatsheet up to date, then that's fine.
As they say, "If it floats your boat. . ." :wink:

KeyCue does offer to automatically or manually omit shortcuts from the sheet.


Nice! I didn't know you could do that.

@JMichaelTX, I bit the bullet and purchased Keycue and I've been looking through the User Guide but I can't seem to get the main headings to appear for Keyboard Maestro. The top heading that actually says, Keyboard Maestro.

Here is how mine looks:

Why can't I get the app name to say Keyboard Maestro at the top?

I don't know -- best to ask the KeyCue folks. I'm only a casual user of KC.
Mine looks like this:

Hey @bocciaman,

It appears that you're only displaying Keyboard Maestro macros there.

KeyCue assumes you know what you're doing when you display:

menu shortcuts
system-wide shortcuts
macro hotkeys

There are many different click or key-down combinations for displaying the different options:

KeyCue only shows category headers when you're displaying more than one category at a time.

@JMichaelTX's screenshot shows that he's displaying all three categories at a time.