Is it possible to have a TAB in a Typed String Trigger?

I’m trying to make my own emmet-like code macros!


  • Aa (Duck)

%Tab% or \t will work in token text fields (unless disabled for the action in the gear menu).

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Hi Peter,

I can’t get %Tab% or \t to work in a Typed String Trigger. Are you sure it works in this context? I want to end my trigger string with a tab, but I’ve only been able to make it work with a space instead of a tab.


  • Joe -

Hi Joe,

Just make sure the typed string trigger uses a regular expression and \t should work fine:


You can include a Tab in a Typed String trigger by pasting in the tab character.

I don’t really recommend it, as Tab often moves fields, and Keyboard Maestro will then simulate deletes in the wrong field, possibly deleting information.

@gglick and @peternlewis,
Thank you both!
Gabe, you were right that I didn’t have ‘regular expression match’ turned on.
Peter, you were right that the deletes don’t work properly when a tab is in the string.
So I guess I’ll stick with ending my Typed String Triggers with a space for the time being.

  • Joe -