Is It Possible to Reassign a "Default" Shortcut with "Type Keystroke"?

I have a few shortcuts I use that are not app specific. For example, let's say I wanted to invert my colors, the default keystroke on OSX is CMD + OPT + CTRL + 8.

It's not absurd to want to remap this shortcut within keyboard maestro to a keystroke I couldn't normally assign with OSX such as "Home" key on my 3rd party keyboard.

Keyboard Maestro can recognize my keystroke input but using the "Type Keystroke" action, won't invert my colors even though it is assigned to CMD + OPT + CTRL + 8. Is it possible to send my Keystroke to a "global setting" instead of anything app specific to invert my colors?

For my usecase I'm not interested in using bash or applescript.

This macro worked here on 10.11.6 when stored in the Global Macro Group, though any Macro Group available to all applications should also work.


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