Is it possible to run "Find Image on Screen" on a specific app that isn't in the front?

I tried all of these options, but my macro only works when the app is in the very front. Is it in any way possible to have the macro check for the image on an app that isn't in the front? I tried moving the app to a different screen (same computer. it's a feature on my MacBook Pro) but to no avail.

No, you can only reference windows from the front application.

As Peter says: No. But, you can very quickly:

  1. Activate the app with the image
  2. Run the "Find Image"
  3. Take any other actions on that app that you need to
  4. Hide the app.

I do exactly that to reset Pandora running on FireFox when it gets stuck. I runs so fact I barely see FF show on the screen.