Is it possible to see an icon when launching apps?

A similar (and much older) key assignment application would briefly show the icon of an app in the center of the screen when that app was launched. Is this behavior possible with Keyboard Maestro?

I searched the forum and pored over the manual and found no mention of anything like it.


There's no built-in feature that I'm aware of that would do this, and there's also no built-in way to say "display an image on the screen." You can use Display Text in a Window, and it supports graphics, but it's in a window that requires clicking OK. If you really want the icon image in the middle of the screen, without a surrounding window and that goes away automatically, it would require a Custom HTML Prompt, I think.

However, if you don't need the icon itself, you could use Display Text Briefly to show "Launching Safari" (or whatever). Or Display Text Large to put a message in the middle of the screen that says "Safari" that will vanish after a few seconds. The problem with the Large Text option is that the message stays onscreen probably much longer than you'd want.

Personally, I'd probably use the Notification action, which gives you more control over what info you include (versus Display Text Briefly):


Getting the icon in the middle of the screen will be more complicated. Probably doable, but someone would have to write the custom HTML bits to show it, and include some JavaScript to time out the window after a delay.


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This is what I’d use... and you can adjust the timeout for large text so it disappears quickly.

Action Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Huh, never knew about the adjustable delay—is that new in 11?


No, it’s been around since at least v10, and probably before but I can’t remember now. It’s part of the larger Set Action Delay action, accessible through the middle dropdown menu.

Ah, thanks!


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Good advice(s) thus far. Thanks!