Is it possible to simulate a drag and drop?

I've got a bunch of sound effects I always use and I just wanted to create a shortcut to add them. Final Cut Pro X won't accept pasted files but will accept dragged and dropped.

I was going to just try and send a bunch of files to Yoink and select from there but I can't seem to work that out either.

You need to read all of this thread, which I think answers your question.

Mouse drag

Thanks. Reading it now.

UPDATE: Yeah I don't think it's quite what I need; I don't want to actually have the mouse move and open a finder window and drag from there; I just want to convince Final Cut Pro that's what's happened.

Basically I want it to act like a Paste but it will work because Final Cut Pro reads the input as a drag and drop. There's a distinction, right?

Sorry I have not got final cut pro and the thread was to give you ideas as to what is possible.

I would suggest you google ( with time limit after 2017)
Keyboard Maestro Final Cut Pro
youtube Keyboard Maestro final cut pro
as there seems to be quite a lot out there

There is a huge difference in the app handling of a paste action and a drag and drop action.
So if FCP is expecting a Drag/drop, and does not accept a paste for the same thing, then you are going to have to do an actual drag/drop.

I don't think that is possible.
You can definitely use KM to conduct a drag/drop operation. You just need to determine how you want to specify the start/stop coordinates. Here is a macro that let you click at the start and stop points, and then does the drag/drop for you. You could also use found image, and relative position from a window corner.

MACRO: Drag/Drop Mouse To/From Points Selected by Mouse Position

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.