Is it possible to use a local installation of DokuWiki together with Keyboard Maestro using the Custom HTML Prompt (maybe Feature Request)?

Hello Peter (@peternlewis)

I am currently playing with the DokuWiki as a local installation synced with Dropbox between my macs.

My plans are to develop a Macro Set especially for an offline Version of the Keyboard Maestro Wiki to make my life building Macros when offline and with no Internet connection much easier.

What I want to do is use the Custom HTML Prompt action for this purpose - no Browser.

Is this possible without writing the full layout from scratch?

If not - could you implement support for DokuWiki anyhow ?

Even a integration of the Wiki in an offline Form would be great that uses its own update Function integrated into the application update process.

Hope you find this useful enough to implement

Greetings from Germany to Australia


See the discussion in How to Load Another Webpage in the Custom HTML Prompt? There are a couple of examples of using the Custom HTML Prompt as a browser itself with the Web or locally.

DokuWiki appears to the be a PHP installation, so by using one of those macros pointed at it, you should be able to run DokuWiki from a Custom HTML Prompt with no trouble. I do that for several local PHP applications I wrote myself.

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Thanks for pointing me to a thread I almost forgot about… I’ve written a Macro Set with your HTML Prompt based Macro as starting point that calls every Wiki article I want with an existing Internet connection involved.

Everything works - as I said when I have an Internet connection…

But my goal is to have the same result without an Internet connection

Since this is all very new to me and everything in HTML is for more than 95% written by others and not myself I am still trying to get my head around this stuff …

And then the fact that DokuWiki is php based…

It adds another thing on my to-do list : learning php….

If you have the time - it would be great if you could provide a detailed example based on my plans with a local wiki installation for complete offline usage.

Greetings from Germany


Yes, I understood that. And that's what I have for my PHP apps.

What you'll have to do is enable a local server on your Mac with PHP enabled. There are various ways of doing that depending on which version of macOS you are running. PHP, for example, is not part of the default macOS install in Ventura.

While a forum isn't quite the place to explain all the steps, there are some good resources on the Web that do.

I suggest installing Homebrew to make installing and configuring apache (your localhost server) as well as PHP easier. I've explained how I did that in The Trek to Ventura.

How to Set Up Apache and PHP From Homebrew on macOS is also a helpful resource, although you don't have to take it quite that far.

Get Homebrew installed. Use it to install PHP (PHP 8 unless your app requires something earlier) and to install and configure apache (so it can run PHP apps in your browser).

Once you've got all this cooking, you'll be able to use any browser on your system to point to http://localhost/[your site] and run the local copy of your PHP app as if it were on the Web. And once you can do that, the Custom HTML Prompt can run it too.

Hello @mrpasini

Thanks for pointing me into the direction…

Maybe l‘ll look into finding a way to automate that based on the System …

Greetings from Germany


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