Is it possible to use KM with System Settings in Monterey?

I have an annoying problem.

I have a 24" M1 iMac connected to an UHD TV that I use as my second monitor. The TV is arranged at the right of the Mac.

Almost every time the Mac comes from hibernation, the TV is set to mirror the Mac and is adjusted as 1920x1080 (HD), instead of 3840x2160(UHD).

Sometimes the Mac resolution is reduced from 2560x1440 to 2240x1260.

Is there a way to create an action in KM to:

  1. disable the mirror on the second monitor.
  2. change the first monitor to 2560x1440.
  3. change the second monitor to UHD?

Is that even possible with KM?


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I think this could be done by KM, although it would be clunky. I don't have a multi-monitor setup to test with though, so I can't be sure.

Most of the scripted solutions for this kind of thing rely on UI-Scripting.

I think this is one of those operations where you're likely better off with a task-specific utility.

I've had SwitchResX for a long time, and there are a couple of pretty inexpensive choices on the App-Store.

One such:

I haven't tried this one, but I do use several of their products:


Thanks for the answer. The problem with these apps is that I sill have to manually choose resolutions for both monitors plus the monitor arrangements. Thanks anyway.

SwitchResX - How To Use It


Did you know, that you can control SwitchResX even with Applescript? You can apply any changes with coding, too. And even keep records of what happens and when. Isn't that cool?

Now we are talking... I will check that out. Thanks