Is it possible to use windows Red/Yellow/Green buttons as triggers

Why would I use them as triggers?
That way I could use the Red button to quit apps instead of almost doing nothing and the Green button to expand windows to full screen and maybe revert to the previous size if possible just like Windows.

You could probably get a trigger on the red and orange buttons (close and minimuize) using the Focused Window trigger, but I’m not sure about the green (zoom) button. In fact, I just tested this, and this trigger will not detect the window zoom/unzoom event.

However, it would be easy to write Macros with a trigger of hotkey, status menu, Global Palette, etc that would do what you want. I just don’t see a reliable trigger using the mouse to click on one of the window buttons.

Maybe someone else will have an idea.

I’m just curious about the possibilities of KM. Right now I use RedQuits and Right Zoom apps to fix the way Red and Green buttons behave in Mac. Apple made those buttons work in a weird way but thanks to third-party apps those things can be changed.

BetterTouchTool does this very nicely.

You can choose what happens when you left click the Red Button, you can even attach a command when you right click the Red Button.

I myself use BetterTouchTool to perform Command + Q when the Red Button is right clicked.

You can also completely customize what happens when you left/right/midddle click the Yellow and Green buttons.

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BTT is more reasonable option that RedQuits when it comes to the way Red button “supposed” to function. I stopped using RedQutis from day one after experiencing some major cons. RedQuits neither recognizes apps in Menus Bar nor detects multiwindows for an app.

In BTT, I assigned “Right Click Red Window Button” trigger to quit apps in order to use left click to close windows.

It would be even better if I can make KM detects “Left Click Red Window Button” trigger in BTT and use it when there’s just one window and ignore Menus Bar apps or at least make an exception for every Menus Bar app.

Interesting conversation and I appreciate all the inputs.

Has there been any development/change? It would be great to change the behaviour of the semaphore buttons with KM.

Hey Alex,

That's not likely to happen, because Apple doesn't provide a public API for it.

Unless/until they do Peter will never fool with it.

He never implements anything that hacks the system, because doing so is fragile and all too easily broken by things seen or unseen.