Is it possible to...?

Hi this is for a for a charity auction I am working with.

I´ve been pondering about possible possibilities for an extraction of messages from ([Telegram]

Is it possible to keep an eye out on a specific group chat and search for messages containing just numbers ( up to 6 digits) and if that message has higher value than the last message then trigger an series of actions.

-Look for new messages containing just numbers
-If number is a higher value than last message
- trigger actions
-If number is equal or less
- ignore message

Was it clear enough? I´m not sure where to start but any advice would greatly appreciated!

How does this group chat popup occur?
Is it a popup window in a Browser or an App? Please provide specifics.

Can you please post an example image of the “group chat”, and show which messages you want to act on?

Telegram is an desktop app with open source.

Here is an example taken from my chat log, the marked messages with green is the messages I would like to extract.

The winning bid is the one that is not overbidded within one minute, so this time we had two people organizing it. One sitting with a stopwatch, and one counting down and telling the group when 20 seconds was left before the bid won. But they had to keep it going for 4 hours because it went on. And that was too tedious a job, and I kept thinking I had the key to automate it.

Thanks for sharing that.

Since Telegram is a Mac app, the only methods of automating that I know of are:

  • AppleScript (if it is supported)
  • UI control (AppleScript and/or Keyboard Maestro)
  • KM "Found Image" Action

The best method would proably be AppleScript, if it is supported.
I did find this that suggests that it is:
Use Applescript to interact with telegram app

This is not exactly what you need, but it is a start.
If the web site has a forum or a support section, you might inquire there about AppleScript support.

You can also look in the Scripting Dictionary List in Script Editor (⌘⇧O) to see if Telegram is listed. If it is, open it up and see if there are any commands to get the list of current messages.