Is it possible while using protools to select a plugin and make two clicks within the plugin?

I have never used keyboard maestro but i was hoping to ask if it was possible to create an action in Protools
Currently I use a button on my Apogee Control to change which speakers the music comes from, but within protools i use a plugin on my master track called Sonarworks which applies an EQ which is then sent to my speakers.
When i change speakers i need to press my button to change the speakers and then scroll down to the master track, open the sonarworks plugin, select the 'profile' dropdown and then select the profile which applies to the speaker that i am listen to.
I am just wondering if KM is able to do something to speed this up?
And also if it can use my apogee control surface to detect when a button is pressed?

as for the first question, yes, I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

A macro can have actions such as:

  • Two single clicks or Double click
  • Scroll up/down

try the trial!

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Hi, @lewisandrew

I've used Keyboard Maestro for several years with my DAW (Adobe Audition for voiceover and podcast production). It's a big help. One of the best ways it helps is because you can create actions in KM that look for images onscreen. For instance, you can have it look for, and click on, a button or icon, just by taking a screenshot of what you want KM to click.

Here, check this out:

For something like your speaker change action, you'd probably want to create actions that do the following, in order:

  1. Open the menu item of the plugin to launch the plugin

  2. A Click at Found Image action to click the correct button

  3. Something to open the list of output devices (probably another Click at Found Image action or some Type a Keystroke actions with Tabs as the key to type)

  4. An action to pick the correct one from the list (there are multiple ways to do that)

  5. A Type a Keystroke action to hit Return to commit the output change

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I ended up buying it! I sort of have something working using KM to look for an image and click that, but it wasn’t up for clicking on pop up (plug-in) windows but have a work around for that where I just have two instances of the plug-in both set differently and it bypasses one and clicks on the other.

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Thanks! I ended up doing the image search but the plug-in wasn’t always in view, so had to have it scroll to the master track before searching.
The issue I had was when it opens the plug-in in Protools it couldn’t find the image taken in the plug-in, I’m not sure if that’s because it was a new window maybe?
But I have two instances of Sonarworks now both set differently and when I hit the hot key it bypasses one and activates the other. Which seems to work just now!
Have you been able to search for an image within a plug-in?

Maybe you can try to have 2 outputs running parallel in Pro Tools (two aux) one with and the other without Sonarworks, and apply the KM shortcut to switch the mute or fader level between both outputs on your Apogee Software controller.