Is Maestro compatible with the next version of OS X? In other words is it 64 bit, whatever that means? ;-)

In other words is it 64 bit, whatever that means? :wink:


Peter White

Yes, it is.

You can actually test any app on your Mac to see if they are 64-bit using the file command in, like so:

/usr/bin/file /Applications/Keyboard\\ Maestro

Note that I had to go into the .app wrapper to get the actual executable (that is to say, don't just stop at the ".app" go into /Contents/MacOS/ and get the actual executable name, which is almost always the same as the app name)

Also, don't forget to escape spaces with \ (as shown above).

Here's the output of that command:

/Applications/Keyboard Maestro: Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64

Compare that to a non-64-bit app, the DVD in High Sierra:

/usr/bin/file /Applications/DVD\\ Player

gives this as output:

/Applications/DVD Player: Mach-O executable i386

There is a free app called "32-bitCheck" which "checks installed apps, code bundles, command tools and more for those which are 32-bit" so you can easily identify all 32-bit apps on your Mac. You can download it from (There are several other useful and free tools at that page, too.)

That's great! I'll buy it!

Thank you,

Peter White

Excellent! I'm sure you'll love it. I couldn't use a Mac without it!