Is My Music File Workflow Possible With Keyboard Maestro?

I'm admittedly ignorant on this topic, so bear with me.

I have workflow that I run through often, that includes:

  • Downloading FLAC files from Bandcamp
  • Converting these files to ALAC in XLD (to put into Apple Music, but I keep the Flac as well)
  • Throwing the files into MP3 Tag to update ID3 metadata
  • Renaming the folder to a specific format, including year, artist, album name, bit rate, etc.
  • Moving the folder to my Nas
  • Dropping the folder into Apple Music

All of this is done manually. Would keyboard maestro be the tool to help automate this? Or are there only certain steps from above that it could help with?


Hey Doc,

Welcome to the forum!  :sunglasses:

Can it be done? Probably – but it's difficult to say without experimenting with the relevant apps.