Is There a Backup of the "Keyboard Maestro Macros.kmsync" File?

I have been using KM for about 6 months with one synced file. This afternoon the Editor is showing me an older version of my macros. Everything I did yesterday (add new groups, add new macros, extensively modify several macros) are all gone. This is the first time this has happened to me. Is there any way to retrieve yesterday's version of the .kmsync file? I save the macro file at an iCloud folder which sync's it with all my other Macs. Has been working well for months. Also, I noticed in that folder that there were multiple versions saved July 1 to July 8. This would be great if that can be happen regularly. (I am not concerned about disk size.)

This is what my iCloud directory looks like now:

Please help (at least 4 hours of coding work lost...)

How about this:

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Wow. I didn't know this existed. Thank you. However, very weirdly, it does not give me the option to revert to yesterday's version:

It let's me revert to August 15 but not August 16. Why would that be?


No idea. @peternlewis?

I sync the macro file in Dropbox, which allows us to restore past versions. It saved me before.

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I see in your image that it also skipped July 28 to Aug 13. Maybe that's because you didn't use KM on those days?

That's possible but I love KM so much, it is rare I don't use it every day.

Hey @peternlewis,

When exactly does Keyboard Maestro decide to create a revert file?

Does it still require the editor to be quit and restarted?


Saved me a lot of time last Sunday after deleting a group instead of a macro…

Thank you Peter for implementing this!

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It's not documented and subject to change, but I believe it saves a revision the first time there is an editor change on a new date. If there are no changes on a day then there will be gaps in the saves.

You can, of course, simply Undo any deletion, but this will not save you in cases where you don't notice a mistake for a few days.

A good process if you need more than Undo can be:

  • Quit & Relaunch the Keyboard Maestro Editor
  • Revert to a useful time.
  • Select and Copy or Export the missing or changed groups or macros
  • Revert to At Editor Launch (hence the first step) - there is also Revert Before Last Revert, but that is fragile.
  • Paste or Import as desired.

How about a Time Machine backup of the Keyboard Maestro folder in ~/Library/Application Support/ ?