Is there a better way to choose outcomes?

Hi, I'm fairly new to KM and would like some help.

I have a macro that starts with a prompt with a drop down menu giving me 5 options. Depending on what I choose the macro needs to do different things, then finish with the same series of keystrokes regardless which choice was made.

Currently I have 5 nestled if/else actions. It works, but this seems a really clunky way to do it. It's confusing to edit and to see what is happening. Is there a better way to choose what it should do from the outcome of the variable in the prompt?

Thanks for your help

Use the Switch/Case Action.


An alternative would be five macros, each with the same trigger, then Keyboard Maestro will ask you which one to execute. Then each macro can finish with an Execute a Macro or Execute a Subroutine action that executes a sixth macro to perform the final steps.

See: Conflict Palette.

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In addition to the above comments -- you don't have to nest "If..." actions. You can chain them, ignoring the "Otherwise" section, if that suits the logic of your macro. Example, including a "Switch/Case" for comparison:

Chained Ifs and Case.kmmacros (12.8 KB)


Thanks all. I've gone with the switch/Case option, but all very useful comments.