Is there a key to "try" the current macro?

When I’m editing a macro, is there a standard keyboard shortcut that will run the macro? If the macro I’m working on doesn’t have a hotkey, I usually select all of the actions then click “TRY”. But I wondered if there was a quicker way.

If there isn’t, I’m going to write a macro for it. But I wanted to double-check first.

I don’t know of a built-in hotkey, but I have been reserving F1 as my testing hotkey.

Yeah, I kind of do that also, but I was imagining a scenario where one hotkey could launch whatever macro you’re working on, and if you held it down a little longer, it could prompt you for the TriggerValue, etc. We’ll see if I get around to it.

Your question inspired me to write a little macro. (It seems we share the same problem.)

It’s not exactly what you are looking for (no prompt for “TriggerValue, etc.”) but I think it’s useful.

No, there is no editor command to trigger the current macro. There probably should be, and it is on the list, but currently, no there is not.