Is there a macro to invoke Services?

I have a Service installed to “Send to OmniFocus Inbox” that works with any text selection. Is there a KM macro that can invoke Services (right click on the selected text), then select “Send to OmniFocus Inbox” ?

Thanks, David

I answered my own question: I can actually just assign a keyboard shortcut in "System Preferences:Keyboard:Shortcuts. That’s a simpler solution.

Sorry to bother.

If the Service is a Workflow you can actually launch it directly through Keyboard Maestro:

This has the advantage that you have an ample choice of how to launch it (hotkey, palette, periodically, or whatever). Or you can easily combine multiple Workflows.

BTW, there is also the excellent utility Services Manager that greatly helps you to manage your Services and Workflows:


Hey Tom,

Many thanks for cluing me in to that little baby. (Don’t know how I missed it.)

I wish all of Apple’s keyboard shortcut prefs were laid out with this kind of UI…