Is there a problem with broken file links / paths in macros after upgrading Dropbox from kernel extension (Monterey) to Apple File Provider API (Ventura)?

My concern is that with the "old" kernel extension version, the Dropbox folder was located as a subfolder of Documents, whereas with the new version of Dropbox it a Library subfolder of ~/Library/CloudStorage ,more like a device than a folder and is associated with a whole slew of issues.

thanks in advance for your time and help

I didn't particularly feel like adjusting my paths and workflows. Instead, I changed the Dropbox client and everything else stayed the same on my system.

Lightweight, stable, the features I need, open source:


I’ve experienced no issues when I migrated from Monterey to Ventura. Initially I didn’t even bother updating my paths in some of my macros to point to ~/Library/CloudStorage... and they still worked fine.

What issues are you concerned about?

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hello @cdthomer and @qrt ! Sorry for the delay. I wanted to finish reading and summarize all my references. Here is my synopsis. I welcome any criticism because you both much more advance than me.
I am too chicken to use command line based Maestral.

Pros and cons of upgrading in Ventura from Dropbox as a kernel extension to to the new Dropbox using the Apple File Provider API

  • pros: none that I can see

  • cons

    • just upgraded to Ventura, and Dropbox kernel extension works seamlessly. Upgrading Dropbox to the Apple File Provider API is just an option, not a necessity
    • according to all sources, it will probably take a few years for Apple to no longer support Dropbox kernel extension during which time Dropbox developers will be able to address many remaining issues
    • the new Dropbox Apple File Provider version is associated with a whole slew of problems, for example
      • risk of broken links with hundreds of Keyboard Maestro macros, alfred workflows, launchbar, Better Touch Tool
      • Dropbox being more a device than a folder, ie located in ~/Librarv/CloudStorage which is inconvenient. No longer located in the Finder Favorites, but rather in Locations
      • syncing Dropbox accounts with more than 300K files is slower
      • can no longer sync files with long filenames in deeply nested folders for a total path length of more than 1024 characters
      • Dropbox vault no longer accessible offline

No worries: Maestral has a graphical user interface. It took two minutes to set it up. Nothing else changed about my DB setup.

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really ? after reading your post, I looked at the documentation and it was all about command line. I will look again. Sorry

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very interesting. I had no idea. thanks very much !