Is There a %Token% for the Pressed Key?

I use a "Pause Until keypress" condition like this:

I'm wondering if there is a %Token% to represent the key that is just pressed.
I would like to perform a set of actions if the key is "Ctrl" but another set of actions if the key is "Left Arrow".

I know we could probably use two separate macros for this purpose. But if there is already a token or something else I can use within the same macro, it would be great. (Since Keyboard Maestro can detect keypress, I assume it's capable of doing this, but I don't know if a %Token% sort of thing is provided or not. )

Yes - %TriggerValue%


Hi @tiffle,
Thanks. But this does not work. It is the typed string that triggers the macro, not the key monitored by the "Wait Until key press" action.

Sorry - my bad. I misread your post.

AFAIK there isn’t such a token.

In the past I’ve approached this problem by performing tests in KM actions following the Pause action. You can see an example of this in this discussion

FYI, I would now not use nested IF actions, but instead I would use a Switch action which is much easier to maintain.

Hope this helps a bit more than my last suggestion.

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Thanks. Your macro relies on the condition that when the IF THEN action is processed, the key is still down. Right? I tested it. It seems to be working pretty well. I don't need to press longer than I usually do for it to work.

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I've never consciously pressed keys any longer than normal when using this method but then I've never stress-tested this approach.

That is another reason for using a Switch action - you can have an "otherwise" condition to catch all those instances (if any) when a key other than the ones you are looking for is pressed and deal with it sensibly; equally, you can put an IF action in the Otherwise condition to check whether the key is no longer being pressed, and deal with that if it should ever arise.

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