Is there a trick to getting double clicking to work?

I am trying to make a macro where the mouse is moved and then it double clicks. However, no matter what I try, when I run the macro, the double click doesn't seem to execute.

If I double click the mouse with my own hand, the computer responds, so I know that my mouse pointer is in the right place. It just seems that Keyboard Maestro is not emulating the double click.

I have tried making separate actions for the mouse movement and clicking even adding a delay between the two. But it doesn't work.

Here is my Macro:

Pause.kmactions (344 B)

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can you upload as .Macro (right click > Export Macro)

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Here is the Macro:
Resize Scramble Heading box.kmmacros (8.7 KB)

double click works fine,
can you try increasing the pause to 0.5 or 1 seconds?


Thanks, that works!

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You should not need to separate this into two Actions.
The first Action the MOVES the mouse can also do the double-click.
I have done this many times.


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That is true in theory, but not always true in practice. Sometimes apps make decisions based on the mouse location before the click, and so sometimes moving the mouse in to position, then pausing, then clicking can work where just move&click does not.

Of course, you should start with just move&click. Only if that proves unreliable should you try move, pause, click.


Thanks for the heads-up. I guess I've been lucky, as all of my Move & Click Actions have worked perfectly.