Is there a way to activate a command via IFTTT or Zapier?

I am curious!
Could unlock a lot of usage potential!


There is a WordPress IFTTT channel that you can use on a local installation of it, but it does require opening your LAN to the internet.

If you have Hazel then you can trigger macros using Dropbox. Have Hazel watch a certain folder for either a specific filename or file contents (name = "startMacro.txt) and then trigger the Keyboard Maestro macro via AppleScript.

You can use Hazel to move the trigger file back to a holding folder, tag it as done or just delete it.

There are loads of methods of adding that file to Dropbox. Use an app (Drafts, Dropbox, Writer, Workflows etc) or use a Zap.

Maybe you can set up a folder action through Automator if you don't have Hazel.

Hi Digisam,
Thanks for your input! Lots of good ideas.
Do you know of any resources for setting up the Applescript you mentioned?

I do have Hazel and think it would be easier to make use of this idea rather than through word press.

Thanks again!

It depends what your end goal is.

As always there will be many ways to achieve the same thing.

This link should help with the concept.

Good luck

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I use this method to deactivate my security system when I get home and activate it when I leave. I set IFTTT to upload a file to a designated Google Drive folder when my iPhone sees that I am nearly home. Keyboard Maestro is set up to watch that folder on my home Mac and runs the macros that deactivate the security system. It works in reverse when I leave the house.

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