Is there a way to append text to a Numbers document?

Right now I have modified this macro by @Matthew16 Timer Log to write to a csv file.

I append "start time, end time, duration" to my file Time logger.csv

Despite numerous suggestions to use MS office products, I am a huge Apple iWork fan and cannot switch. Sorry.

Is there a way to append text similarly to a Numbers file?

Thanks again for the amazing support!
Loving this community!

Well, if you insist and using inferior products, you will probably have to invest the time yourself to learn how to script them. There are many, many more solutions already built for Excel than Numbers, and Numbers, like Pages, has limited scripting support, and is a PITA to work with.

I'm ready to help with Excel, but I just don't have the time, or inclination, to help with Numbers. Of course, there may be others who are.

Have you tried searching the Internet? Your use case is very common, and I'd expect you'd find a script somewhere for appending CSV data into Numbers.

Good luck!

EDIT: 2018-07-18 19:39 GMT-5

This topic may have some solutions, but also illustrates the problem.
Numbers: how to import csv data into specific sheets/ranges

Wow... nice response. Feel better now?

Perhaps my response was a bit strong, but I stand by the facts: Apple Numbers is MUCH harder to automate and script than MS Excel. Excel is head-and-shoulders above Numbers.

That’s fair; I don’t think many would argue that. And yes, a bit strong.