Is there a way to assign hotkeys or shortcuts to items in the Clipboard History Switcher context / gear menu?

My list of items is getting very long and it's a bit tedious to scroll down and click on the item I am looking for.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Short answer: No.

What are you trying to accomplish by having saved clipboards?
If you are just storing plain text then it would be better to use KM Variables.

If you need to access a clipboard by shortcut, then you'll need to use Named Clipboards.
You can't directly assign a hot key to a Named CB, but you can create macros with a hotkey that pastes a specific Named CB (or a specific normal clipboard by position, if you can count on not changing the Clipboard History).

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Thank you for your help.

1- naming convention: for the purpose of the discussion and in keeping with clipboard manager app lingo, let's agree that clip corresponds to the piece of information in one ⌘-C and a clipboard is a series of clips.
2- KBM with all its qualities should IMO not use the term clipboard for named clipboard because they can only contain one clip. For example, I have been systematically saving RTF format items to a named clipboard only to discover that one clip overwrites the previous one, so all my information was lost.
3- I am not interested in text only which is easy to manage with all KBM clipboard actions, but too limited for my purposes. I want RTF.
4- I have no problem copying to and displaying named clipboards in KBM.

ALL clipboard manager apps use allow for the creation of multiple clipboards (multiple clips each). They give them different names: Copied for example calls them lists. Let's say that I want to permanently save certain KBM related RTF (text and graphics) clips. In Copied, I would
1- create a separate clipboard or list as they call it called KBM
2- I can at any time copy clips from my main copied clipboard to my Copied KBM clipboard which is extremely convenient.
It is the most basic way to collect bits of information.
I used KBM as an example. It's very convenient to have a main clipboard and multiple parallel ones. I repeat that all clipboard manager app allow for this. It is extremely convenient because you may want to quickly save information (clips) pertaining to certain subjects in a searchable database without going through the tedious process of creating evernote notes each time for example, in addition to overloading evernote.

The problem boils down to
1- I am only interested in RTF (text and images) , not text only
2- with KBM clipboard actions is it possible to emulate clipboard manager apps and, in addition to the main clipboard, create multiple parallel clipboard (series of RTF clips) to which I can copy clipboard clips.

As far as I can understand the answer is no (I may well be wrong), so the question then becomes is there a way around it.

Attempt at a workaround
I tried to save the clips to a file instead of a 'parallel' clipboard using the append system clipboard to file action, but that action is text only. RTF is greyed out for reasons I don't understand.

thanks again

That's OK for discussion, but it can be confusing since the macOS System Clipboard can contain only ONE "clip" (but with multiple flavors).
The KM Activate Clipboard History Switcher action uses the term "clipboard" as just one "clip" as you call it:

The Clipboard History Switcher saves a copy of each clipboard every time you copy something. You can then paste any previous system clipboard by triggering the Clipboard History Switcher macro. Clipboard History Switcher will present you with a window allowing you to select any of the past clipboard and paste them.

As I explained above, the only way to do this is using a different KM Named Clipboard for each of your "clips".

I was in the process of building a Custom Clipboard Manager for you when I hit a major roadblock, a show-stopper:
It appears there is no way to create a Named Clipboard in a running Macro using a KM Variable that contains the desired name. You have to create the Named Clipboard manually when you are building the Macro:


As you can see from these Actions, you have pick an existing Named CB, or create a new one on the fly:


So, I'm sorry to say, that unless @peternlewis can point out something I'm missing, you will need to use another tool to serve as your clipboard manager for this use case.

Just for reference, here is the macro I was working on:


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Wow ! I greatly appreciate your efforts and I'm sorry that it was in vain.

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