Is there a way to create a link in a display message/popup?

I've written software that detects when there's a new movie trailer on the Apple website (by parsing the HTML source, which wasn't easy.) Ideally I'd like to create a popup message using the Keyboard Maestro Display action that lets me click on the link of the new trailer. My guess is that this isn't currently possible with KM, but I would like to point out that Apple itself does it. E.g., in the TODAY pane in the Messages window there are lots of data/link types that contain links to a variety of different applications. Do software developers have access to create widgets(?) that go into the TODAY pane of the Messages popup? Here's the thing I'm talking about: (sorry about the large size, that might be because I'm on a 5K monitor.)


Hey @Sleepy,

You'd have to use a Custom HTML Prompt action for that.


Ahhh, thanks. I keep forgetting about that action, which I rarely use.

Actually you can. You just need to first create a rich-text hyperlink on the Clipboard, and then insert into the KM Display Text in Window:



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