Is there a way to create group with app availability with "name starts with X"?

Is there a way to have "This application" trigger and group availability be based on the name of the app starting with a string, instead of the specific app installation (not sure how this works)?

My use case is that I have a bunch of Xcode installations and I update them constantly, I want my macro group for Xcode to be available to any app that is called "Xcode*.app". Is there a way to do it? Currently even if I don't rename the .app I have to add the newly installed Xcode to the list of available apps again, the list ends up being a bunch of "duplicated"

Currently, no, there is no way to specify an app by name.

Thank Peter. Whenever you have time I'd love to know why I need to add the app again to the list of "Available in application" after overwriting it with a different version. In other words how is the app identified? My suggestion might have been a poor one, maybe a better way to achieve this would be an option to say "Any Xcode"?

Applications are identified in Keyboard Maestro primarily by their path, and secondarily by their bundle ID.

If the application remains at the same path, then Keyboard Maestro will recognise it as the same application. If the path changes, it will look up the new path via the bundle ID.

One possible issue is Translocation, which means that each time you launch a translocated application it will appear to be at a new random path. Generally this will only happen if you download the application and then do not move it in the Finder - moving an Application using the Finder will clear the translocation security setting (don't ask me why Apple thinks this is a good idea).

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I see, maybe a better approach to my original suggestion would be to have an option for a Macro Group to be available to all application in a given folder. I could have all my Xcodes in /Application/Xcodes/.