Is There a Way to Discover Where the Keyboard Maestro Sync File is Located?

I have a sync file in Dropbox, and it syncs correctly to two different Macs. On one of the Macs I have two accounts and it is not syncing properly to that Mac. In my last nuke and pave I documented where the sync file is, and I have stopped sync on the problematic account and re-synced to that documented location without success.

I don't want to stop syncing on either of the two working accounts, so I'm looking for a way to find out if they're syncing somewhere else.

From within the Keyboard Maestro Editor, use the File menu to select Reveal Macro Sync File.


Huzzah! I KNEW it had to be there somewhere. Not only that, I am, indeed, using the wrong sync file location on the account that's not syncing. THANK YOU!