Is there a way to download music from YouTube?

Is it possible to download those music videos from YouTube? Better in audio formats, so that it would be easier to play.

KM has nothing specific to do this. I'd suggest a goggle search.

There are quite a few free browser addons/extensions that do just that.

As others have suggested, this isn't a Keyboard Maestro issue. Downie or YouTube-DL would be my first recommendations.

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Thank you. Very helpful suggestion.

It depends on which kind of format you want. recommend FLAC, which can provide better quality with smaller size.
The tool you need is TunesKit Audio Capture. Of course, it's not free, but most freeware either can't provide a good selection of formats or does great damages to the sound quality. Besides, this tool should be the cheapest paid-for product I can find.
If you want to know more about how to download music from YouTube into FLAC, you can read this passage: convert youtube to mp3

This is off topic for Keyboard Maestro, and experience has demonstrated on other similar topics that this sort of topic becomes a spam magnet (which also means be very careful about whatever tools you end up using to resolve this, because I suspect a lot of them are malicious to some degree).