Is there a way to export Application icons into Stream Deck?

Currently my Stream Deck has lots of KM icons. The KM macro is able to choose Application icons, e.g. Things or Twitterrific. Is there a way to pick up these Application icons and export into Stream Deck, aside from manually taking screenshot of app icon?

Yes, one way to do it is from within the macro itself. You can use the Set Stream Deck Image action, and set it to an icon. Then, click in the icon chooser well, and select Applications. That will give you a list of applications you can choose from. This will work with direct implementation, but not with KM Link plugin. You will also need to specify the appropriate button ID in the action.

Please note however, that if you have manually set an icon from the Stream Deck app, you will need to Reset to Default that button for Keyboard Maestro to be able to update the icon.

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Iā€™m excited to try this out tomorrow morning. Thanks for the tip!

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