Is there a way to export macros as a file that doesn’t need Keyboard Maestro to run?

So I can just send the file to someone who doesn’t have KM app and they will be able to use it. Maybe some way to convert the trigger file?

I’m afraid not; there is no way to run KM macros without KM itself. Short of getting the other person to install the (fully functional) trial of KM, I think your best, if not only, bet is an AppleScript applet that accomplishes the same thing. Can you share the macro that you’d like to send to this other person here, so we can get a better idea of what your ultimate goal is?

Macro.kmmacros (1.5 MB)

Hey Spencer,

No. None of that can be done via vanilla AppleScript, although it might (or might not) be possible to do it with AppleScriptObjC.

If it’s possible with AppleScriptObjC it will be quite complicated.

For future reference — when uploading macros please upload a picture as well.

How to Upload Your Macro to the Forum

People generally won’t download things sight unseen.