Is there a way to handle entering password into pop-up dialogs?

I've noticed that some software, for example CCLEANER, now asks for your password once for each browser before it does anything. It would be great if I could somehow KM-automate entering that text into these new annoying password pop-up dialogs, but I'm unsure how to trigger that text entry.

Suggestions appreciated.


What it is possible to use KM for this purpose, I don't recommend it because your passwords are not secure enough in KM. (and I love KM). Instead, use a dedicated password manager like 1Password.

Hello @Oliver I agree here @JMichaelTX and can not recommend you to use or even save passwords via KM.
I use 1Password and with the help of KM and applescripts. I have created a way to securely enter passwords into macOS apps, accounts and websites.

In this YT-Video you can see some examples:

Since these still refer to 1Password 6, I also have a tweet here for use in the current version.

Maybe this is something for you :wink:

Sounds interesting. Where can we download these scripts and macros?

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@appleianer, I have moved your last post with the 1PW macro to a new topic:
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Thank you very much for that. I think it would be better to delete the post, as it would certainly be confusing for some.
I would then create a new post with explanations and all macros.
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Sure, if that is what you really want. You might try editing the new topic first.

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Okay, I'll do @JMichaelTX :+1: