Is there a way to have a group of actions (which can be modified), and act on that?

So I'm going to outline roughly what I want to do in case there is a much better way: I have macro groups a1 to aX. I then want macro b1 to bX where bN turns on aN, and turns off the rest.

My current approach is that for each macro b1 to bX, I have X entries, where I disable everything, and enable the one I want. But this is sort of difficult to maintain, because each time I add a(X+1), I need to make a ton of modifications.

So what I was thinking is that there might be a way to just say: turn off a1 to aX (let's call this OFF_SWITCH). That way, each macro b1 to bX just becomes: OFF_SWITCH; enable aN. Much cleaner! If I want to add a(X+1) and b(X+1), I just have to add a(X+1) to OFF_SWITCH, and then add the new b(X+1) macro. Super easy. But I have no idea if this is possible!

Again, if there's a better way to do this, I'm all ears!

Hi @jco,

I have a macro where I put all the disable macro group actions. Elsewhere, I just call this macro when I need to disable all these macros. If I need to add one, I just add a disable macro group action here. Is it perhaps something you are looking for? I have not found a more convenient way than that.


Hey @jco,

If you have the Keyboard Maestro Editor open you can use AppleScript like this:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
   tell (macro groups whose name starts with "1")
      set enabled to false
   end tell
end tell

And I reckon you can get quite fancy.


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