Is there a way to keep the character formatting from crossWeb's clipboard?

I've written a macro (with some scripts) to get text out of the online CAT tool crossWeb (

The webform (if that what it's called, or perhaps 'app'?) is opened in Chrome.

When I have a target segment with styled text, I can copy this and paste it into the target editor: the character formatting will be maintained.

However, when I paste the clipboard's content to another app, e.g. Ms Word, the formatting is lost. How come?

I also noticed that when I copy a single styled word in crossWeb and paste it into the target editor, the formatting will be lost too.

So it seems that crossWeb has its own way of handling the in-segment formatting.

I've tried pasting as rtf, html, used a service to markdown the formatting: all to no avail.

Does anyone have a clue what's happening here?

After seeing this great tutorial video on UI Browser I was wondering whether that app could help me to discover how formatting like bold, itailics etc. is handled in the target segment editor of crossWeb in Chrome browser:

I've also uploaded a zip file containing the source of the web page:
page (40.8 KB)

UI Browser is not the tool for browser content (it can interrogate only standard-issue macOS UI controls)

On Chrome, the usual place to start would be to:

  • ctrl-click the element of interest (to get a contextual menu)
  • Choose Inspect

You should then get a sense of which html elements are in play, and which CSS styles are applied to each.

Another approach would be to copy some formatted text from the target segment editor, and then see what you've got in the clipboard

(using a clipboard viewer macro like this: Clipboard Viewer - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse)

Or in Apple's Additional tools for XCode

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I've tried the first two approaches and got:

For the third approach, one needs a paid developer account.

I noticed an Inspect item in the View > Developer menu and used it:

I have a feeling that pasting pre-formatted material may be out of reach.

  • their clipboard handling seems to be plain text only
  • and their edit buffer looks like its done with (e.g. JavaScript or WebAssembly) code, essentially behind the scenes, in a way that doesn't give you access to, for example, formatted HTML elements.
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Thank you very much for your effort. Once more, it looks like Across really deserves the bad image it has among freelance translators.