Is There a Way to Make a Menu or Palette Case Sensitive?

I would love to be able to have a Conflict Palette or a Palette With List be case sensitive so that I can type "t" for one option and "T" for another. Is that possible?

I'm going to risk being rude and stick the correct spelling "palette" in here - in case Forum Search (or web search engines) wouldn't otherwise find it.

To try to answer your question, I don't think it is case sensitive. One technique you might like to try is sticking unique single numbers in front of the clashing "t" characters. Not pretty but gets the job done.

Thanks Martin,

That's where my thinking had lead, too, only I've been doing it the other way around, e.g., t1, t2, etc.

(Thanks for the spelling catch too. That seems a stubborn one for me, for some reason.)

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You can do "t1" vs "t2" also. That would mean typing "t" and then (and here's maybe a new word to you :slight_smile: ) disambiguate with "1" or "2".

The reason I want the case sensitivity is to minimize keystrokes. I'm already typing a hotkey to bring up the Disambiguation Menu (Conflict Menu) and I'd like a second key, the "T" or "t" to be the final keystroke, not second of three just to get a basic operation done.

But I guess it is not to be ...

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Instead of uppercase and lowercase, lowercase and same letter plus modifier would be the same number of keystrokes. Example:


is the same number of keystrokes as


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Thanks NaOH. That's an idea I will chew on.

I'm trying to set up to have about 20 macros that I can invoke in very similar ways. Originally each had a separate hotkey, Option+Command+Letter, but I couldn't find 20 that I could do all with my left hand without having lots of system side effects.

Right now, the macros are organized such that I bring up the list of macros by invoking a Macro Group menu or having them all use the same hotkey and then getting a Disambiguation/Conflict Menu. Either way I get the same menu with different titles (either "Macros" or the hotkey name). It's at this point that I was hoping to use "t" and "T" separately.

I don't think it's possible to pick in a menu using Control+T and I haven't figured out an organization that would let me use a hotkey at that point. Would it be possible to have some set of macros only active while the menu is visible and then map the hotkeys to the menu choices, deactivating those macros after the choice is made? That's way above my experience level.

If you have any ideas, please let me know.