Is there a way to modify the default website's shortcut using KM?

There are many websites have their own built in shortcuts, and some of them just so annoying.

Such as a Trello card, by hitting [spacebar] makes you Assign yourself from a card, But I just want it to be normal to scroll down the page. So I built the macro below.

Keyboard Maestro 8.2 “Space alternative for Trello” Macro

Space alternative for Trello.kmmacros (4.4 KB)

it works, but it just slow down the speed when I type a 'space' in other websites(you know, KM has to go through the if statement first)

So I wonder If there is another way to change the default shortcuts for websites?

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Have you tried reversing the If Then Else actions? That is, if the URL Does Not Contain, execute a Space, otherwise simulate the scroll wheel (which, alternatively, might perform better if set to simulate Page Down).

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Thanks for reply~ I tried it but ti seems that also has the problem – slow down the speed when I type a literal space on browser. What is worse, I just can’t type a real ‘space’ in trello page.

Have you looked for browser extensions? There seems to be one for just about everything. . . :wink:

For example:

I don't have a Trello account, but testing this on the site's homepage seemed to work without any delay there or on other sites. The difference in this setup is that rather than creating a variable based on the URL, this macro just checks for "Trello" in the window name.

Trello Test

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Thanks for reply @JMichaelTX~ but it seems that this extension doesn't work though.

then post a comment to the developer.

Yeah, I guess so.