Is there a way to set default waiting time to `Get` coordinates from 5 seconds to 3 seconds?

In this action:


The Get button will start 5 second countdown to get coordinates.

The 5 second is too long of a time for me. I wish I could set in KM settings the default time value so that all these actions and their Get buttons will have a timeout that I specify. It would be 3 seconds for me as that is enough time to switch to app and move my mouse. 5 seconds is simply annoying. :disappointed:

Thank you.

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor MouseGetCountdown -int 5


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Any chance we could have a similar one for ActionTimeout (currently 20 seconds)?

Which action time out? Actions with timeouts can be configured from the action (gear) :gear: menu.

Hi, the one that catches me is the activate specific application action. I know I can change it via the gear, I often forget.

I wrote an applescript that lists action timeouts, I have that set to look for ones that have 20s timeouts and then I have to go and sort them out.

My action timeouts default to 99 hours. I was hoping there is a "write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor" option for setting that. The wiki doesn't list one. Does that mean there isn't one?

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Different actions have different default timeouts. Default timeouts for actions that are expected to last a long time in normal operation (eg Pause Until) have a default 99 hour timeout (basically practically infinite).

There is no defaults write to adjust this default on a per-action basis. You could use the KMFAM or otherwise save a default action (eg in a Named Clipboard).

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I highly recommend KMFAM, and use it many times a day. I have many actions customized to suit my specific preferences.

Curious if KMFAM will be integrated into KM 10. Would be lovely. :heart_eyes_cat:

Perhaps I'm missing something, but this no longer seems to work (at least for me) in v10.

Yes, it was accidentally dropped with the changes to how that works. I will get it reinstated for the next version.


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